Parent Information

Governing Council

The role of the Governing Council is to oversee the running of the Kindergarten. It is comprised of parents, staff and interested members of the community. Meetings are held monthly to discuss educational, financial and maintenance matters which are of concern to the Kindergarten.

The Governing Council also plans events and organises fundraising to ensure the financial viability of the Kindergarten. All parents are encouraged to become involved in this process.


Sun and Heat Protection: Children are required to wear a sun safe hat in Term 1 and from 1st August to the end of term 4. Children who do not have a sun safe hat during this time will play inside. Hats will not be lent due to spread of head lice. In summer sunscreen should be applied to children prior to attending their kindergarten session. Please ensure that clothing has covering for shoulders – NO shoe string straps or tank tops.

Healthy Eating: Please send nutritious food for snack time. Cake, lollies, chocolate, sweet biscuits are not recommended. If perishable food is sent please name the item or container and place in the fridge. Children do not share snacks. Due to some children’s strong and often life threatening reactions to nut products including peanuts, nutella or peanut butter they are not suitable for children’s snacks. Please provide a water bottle for your child to drink during sessions. Filtered water is also available. No soft drinks or cordial please.

Grievance: Any issue you have with a child, parent or staff member at the kindergarten needs to be resolved through discussion. Please request our grievance policy pamphlet for procedures and make time with a staff member to discuss your issues.

Health Issues: Parents are responsible for keeping staff aware of any health issues. Staff will administer basic first aid if necessary. The Kindergarten reserves the right to ask parents to take a child home. It is important to keep your contact numbers up to date, and communication lines, especially mobile phone accessible.

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