The Kindergarten has high enrolment each year. The majority of places are utilised by families within the catchment area. If we do have places available to families outside of the catchment area, we then refer to our Priority of access policy to select families.

Priority of Access

Under the National Quality Standards for early childhood education in Australia, Moana Kindergarten is licensed for 66 children per week, with a capacity of 33 children per day.

Moana Kindergarten operates under a Priority of Access Policy. This requires the centre to give priority of placement to families and children who live in the local area. The local area is deemed to be bordered by Seaford Road in the north, Maslin Beach Road continuation to the coast, in the south, Commercial Road to the east and the coast to the west.

Please refer to the Local Catchment Area map.

If you do not live within this area you may still place your child’s name on our waiting list because if there are places available, after children in the local area are enrolled, the director may select children from outside this area. The priority for contacting families outside the local area is, children who have had a sibling attend the Kindergarten, or have a sibling at Moana Primary School.

We begin by taking an enrolment enquiry from families who would like to be on the waiting list. Enrolment offers begin at the start of term three of each year. Families who are within the catchment area are provided with first round offers. Once places have been confirmed, if there are any remaining positions they can then be offered to families on the waiting list outside of the catchment area.

We begin taking enrolment enquiries a year prior to Term 1 start date (approximately 29 January). Please fill in the enrolment enquiry form from one of the links below and email it to us, or contact the centre.

Please Note that the Moana School has a separate enrolment process to the Kindergarten and enrolment at Moana Kindergarten does not ensure enrolment at the school. Please contact the school for information on their enrolment process.