Moana Kindergarten


Contact Information

Director: Ms Josie Agars
Phone: (08) 8386 1971
Fax: (08) 8327 2852
Address: Schooner Road
Region: River Hub Partnership

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Feedback and Complaints

Let us know if you have feedback or a complaint, or if you want to give us a compliment. Feedback is valuable as it helps us shape our services to meet your needs.

Our parent guide to raising a concern or complaint (Adobe PDF 115KB)

Session Times

The Kindergarten offers the equivalent of 15 hours of preschool per week for children in their eligible year, that is, the year before school entry. Sessions are held 8.30am-3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays mornings, and 4 hrs on alternate Wednesday mornings.

The children attend either on a Monday and Tuesday and alternate Wednesday mornings, or on Thursday and Fridays and alternate Wednesday mornings.

2017 fees are currently $130 per term

The Frog Group of Children The Turtle Group of Children
Mondays 8.30am - 3.00pm Thursdays 8.30am - 3.00pm
Tuesdays 8.30am - 3.00pm Fridays 8.30am - 3.00pm
 Alternate Wednesdays Alternate Wednesdays
8.30am - 1.30pm 8.30am - 1.30pm

Priority of Access

Under the National Quality Standards for early childhood education in Australia, Moana Kindergarten has a capacity of 33 children. This means that no more than 33 children can attend a one time.

Moana Kindergarten operates under a Priority of Access Policy. This requires the centre to give priority of placement to families and children who live in the local area. The local area is deemed to be bordered by Seaford Road in the north, Maslin Beach Road continuation to the coast, in the south, Commercial Road to the east and the coast to the west.

If you do not live within this area you may still place your child’s name on our waiting list because if there are places available, after children in the local area are enrolled, the director may select children from outside this area. The priority for contacting families outside the local area is, children who have had a sibling attend the Kindergarten, or have a sibling at Moana Primary School.


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Priority of access policy 277 KB Adobe PDF

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Parent Information

Governing Council:

The role of the Governing Council is to oversee the running of the Kindergarten. It is comprised of parents, staff and interested members of the community. Meetings are held monthly to discuss educational, financial and maintenance matters which are of cncern to the Kindergarten.

The Governing Council also plans events and organises fundraising to ensure the financial viability of the Kindergarten. All parents are encouraged to become involved in this process.


Sun and Heat Protection: Children are required to wear a sun safe hat in Term 1 and from 1st September to the end of term 4. Children who do not have a sun safe hat during this time will play inside. Hats will not be lent due to spread of head lice. In summer sunscreen should be applied to children prior to attending their kindergarten session. Please ensure that clothing has covering for shoulders - NO shoe string straps or tank tops.

Healthy Eating: Please send nutritious food for snack time. Cake, lollies, chocolate, sweet biscuits are not recommended. If perishable food is sent please name the item or container and place in the fridge. Children do not share snacks. Due to some children's strong and often life threatening reactions to nut products including peanuts, nutella or peanut butter they are not suitable for children's snacks. Please provide a water bottle for your child to drink during sessions. Filtered water is also available. No soft drinks or cordial please.

Grievance: Any issue you have with a child, parent or staff member at the kindergarten needs to be resolved through discussion. Please request our grievance policy pamphlet for procedures and make time with a staff member to discuss your issues.

Health Issues: Parents are responsible for keeping staff aware of any health issues. Staff will administer basic first aid if necessary. The Kindergarten reserves the right to ask parents to take a child home. It is important to keep your contact numbers up to date, and communication lines, especially mobile phone accessible.


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Behaviour Management Policy 78 KB Adobe PDF
Sun and Heat Protection Policy 26 KB Adobe PDF
Healthy Food and Nutition Policy 25 KB Adobe PDF

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Playgroup Information

The Seaford Community Centre adjacent to Moana Kindergarten, host a number of Play Groups.Contact the Community Centre for more information Seaford Community Centre phn: 8386 3319

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Context Statement

The Context Statement provides detailed information about our preschool.

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Context statement 121 KB Adobe PDF
Vision Statement 46 KB Adobe PDF
Annual Report 415  KB Adobe PDF
Parent Information 440  KB Adobe PDF

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